What fees are associated with attending the summit?

  • The cost of attendance is FREE.  Limited lodging will be provided for qualifying attendees.  Attendees will be responsible for travel fees (driving to and from summit location), hotel incidentals, and any additional dates prior to/after the training.  All expenses for room service, in-room movies, parking, fuel, airfare, etc. are the attendees responsibility.

How do I qualify for free lodging?

  • Applicants selected to attend the summit must be stationed at a department more than 50 miles (one-way) from the summit location to qualify for overnight accommodations.  A limited amount of hotel rooms will be provided for qualifying attendees.  A selected attendee who’s department is less than 50 miles from the summit location may still attend as a daily attendee.

Can I or someone from my agency call the hotel and make my reservation?

  • No.  All hotel reservations will be handled by the program staff.

Will I receive TCOLE credit for attending the summit?

  • Yes, attendees will receive TCOLE credit  after completing the full 12 hours of training and after attendance records are verified.  Partial credit will not be given for those who DID NOT complete the full training.   No exceptions.

What if something comes up and I need to cancel my reservation?

  • If an attendee must cancel their reservation/attendance, please notify the program staff as soon as possible.  We will take care of replacements and hotel cancellations.  Hotel cancellations must go directly through the program staff and not the hotel.